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Many challenges face the business owner. Our high-quality maintenance service and customer friendly approach ensures a seamless transition from challenge to solution.

Inspired to make an ambitious difference and driven to provide a faultless service, our expanding portfolio embraces UK facilities and property management companies, global real estate organisations, chartered surveyors and many similar enterprises.

We hold maintenance contracts for over 120 buildings in and around London. Increasing demand has also enabled us to establish a significant footing across the UK. Charged with ensuring the smooth running of critical assets including cooling, heating, mechanical and electrical systems, we take considerable steps to go beyond normal expectations positioning us ahead of many competitors.

We seek in-depth knowledge of a client in order to supply the appropriate level of maintenance. No two buildings are the same, no two budgets are identical. Our recommendations aim to derive the optimum, bespoke solution. We also help reduce capital outlay and running costs by analysing the proficiency and recommending energy saving initiatives for sustainable operations.

We conduct condition reports to hypothetically pinpoint systems that require upgrading or replacement, prior to failure. This includes a life cycle analysis of your entire plant to enable us to propose a sustainable, economically viable strategy, one that is flexible in the event of market or legislative changes.

We are adept in overcoming the irregularities of antiquated systems within heritage or older properties, presenting us with opportunities to prevent drastic failures, to update ageing systems for economic advantage and to propose modifications to meet environmental responsibilities. We also maintain current systems within modern premises with our preventative maintenance services, although it is not unusual to find shortcomings in efficiency requiring improvements to boost economic advantage.

For your reassurance, our Helpdesk and 24/7 Emergency Service responds to urgent issues whenever they arise. Our swift action aims to prevent loss of productivity and to keep your business running smoothly.