energy capabilities

Solutions for the built environment

MS offer a bespoke, sustainable maintenance solution for each individual client,
to enhance the smooth running of any building at optimal performance.

MS Energy Initiatives

We aim to align our goals with that of our clients. Building strong partnerships and working in collaboration is key to our success.

MS' Energy Solutions

We are keen to provide as many energy-saving solutions to a building via existing plant manipulation in terms of delivering the best possible atmosphere with the least carbon effect.
Our aims are to:
  • Ensure efficient energy usage of M&E assets.
  • Provide an optimal environment for the well-being and productivity of building occupiers.
  • Introduce more productive planned and reactive maintenance strategies such as condition and business-based maintenance.
  • Work in partnership with our supply chain and clients to achieve net zero.

Energy Audits

Energy Management Solutions

We offer a complete detailed energy audit to show potential innovative measures which could lead to a reduction in the cost of PPM, a reduction in carbon footprint and an increase in energy efficiency.

The Audit will reveal:

  • Energy consumption across a building.
  • Determine improvements for energy efficiency.
  • Provide a benchmark of energy consumption against buildings with similar sizes and activities.
  • Identify potential cost savings.

MS' own ESG Efforts

We strive to deliver the exceptional, seeking to create a better future for our people, the communities we support, and the world in which we live.