Environmental, Social
& Governance (ESG)

Delivering the exceptional.

We seek to create a better future for our clients, our people, the communities we support, and the world in which we live.


MS is committed to minimising its environmental impact and setting a positive example as a responsible business.

Aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to eradicate poverty, safeguard the planet, and ensure global well-being by 2030, we follow our 5-stage carbon management plan. This initiative will enable us to reduce our carbon footprint realistically and effectively, to achieve carbon neutrality by 2025. Through measures such as reducing fuel usage, promoting awareness among employees, adhering to building regulations, and implementing energy-saving initiatives, we have already achieved a 40% reduction in emissions per employee.

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We take great pride in our high staff retention rate, a testament to our ongoing dedication to our employees.

At MS we have accomplished a 15% ethnically diverse representation across all employee groups within our MS workforce and in 2022 alone our female management increased by 33%.

Our diverse employees reflect a rich tapestry of lived experiences and backgrounds. We embrace an inclusive environment where all employees have equal opportunities.

Our commitment extends to our supply chains, sharing a similar ethos that emphasises social responsibility consistency in all aspects.

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At MS, we evaluate our corporate governance performance including quality, ability and potential risks.

As part of MS’ 4-year plan, we continue to work towards increasing the self-delivery of our services to offer significant savings for our clients, ensure full accountability and that our works take place efficiently and to a consistently high standard. In 2022, we introduced our Energy Division as part of our commitment to improve energy usage across our contracts. We introduced a 5 stage management plan to ensure the buildings we manage are running at optimum efficiency and provide ongoing recommendations to improve.


As the company has expanded, we have invested in building a robust management structure and the contribution from our board of directors together, produces a collective message that provides a clear business focus understood and supported by shareholders, employees, clients and third parties. 

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