We take pride in a greener approach to project management ensuring our mechanical and electrical services make buildings more efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective.

We plan, organise, and manage the essential elements required to achieve your specific goal or objective.
From replacements to upgrades, we have the capability to deliver any features of mechanical and electrical plant, ensuring full functionality and operation of the project.
LED lighting upgrades offer many benefits, including energy efficiency, and the reduction of maintenance costs, making them a compelling choice for improving lighting systems.
The implementation of preventive measures can ensure the safety of individuals and the protection of property against the risk of fire.
Comfort cooling is vital in our buildings today. Our AC projects services will provide comfortable and healthy indoor environments with minimum disruption to tenants.
Our Fabric and handy man project delivery provides custom fabric-based solutions to enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the space.

Our Approach to Project Delivery

When plant comes to the end of its life cycle, it will no longer be economically viable to run at full capacity. We will always advise the most sustainable and cost-effective solution for the client and ensure the proposed options will suit the needs of the building and its tenants. The plant we propose to install will always meet their carbon-neutral business plan and will provide significant energy savings in the future.

Technical Support

Training Opportunities

Interested in working for us?

MS, provide an enhanced technical and professional approach to all project delivery, from inception to the final handover. We will establish the key driver of the project, whether this be the end of the life cycle of the plant and general upgrades to the need of improving energy ratings with sustainability in mind.

Our high-quality delivery allows for minimal operational impact on the business while all works are being carried out. With any project we design and install, our aim is to ensure it will support making the building more efficient and sustainable for the future.

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