Your Daily Worries.
Our Long-term Concerns

We help to reduce increasing pressures faced by commercial businesses and particularly facilities managers. These include Health and safety, energy consumption, compliance, negative contribution to air quality and other green issues, policies, budgeting, maintaining cost-effective systems… The list can be endless.

At MS Maintenance Solutions, we work hard to bring clarity and knowledge to a complex area. The advice and service we provide is grounded in an extensive understanding of the latest legislation, new technologies and energy saving initiatives and is underpinned by our team of highly qualified engineers and technicians, trained to help you manage your assets, adhere to legislation and assess and manage your risk.

We are highly customer focussed, carrying out detailed reviews of your operations and providing credible, competitive and transparent quotations. We offer the highest levels of professionalism and skill with ethical, balanced and impartial views. Our work is backed up by recordings, checks and preventative measures so that whatever the future holds, you can be confident in our long-term ability to manage your operations for sustainability and efficiency.