Working Hard.
To Keep You Working Smoothly

At MS Maintenance Solutions we are aware of competitive advantages that are often over-looked. These directly relate to the relationship between the comfort of the office environment and employee functionality. It is no secret that your staff impacts the bottom line. But their performance is only ever as good as the environment in which they work.

Over-heated offices with poor ventilation and congested air create staff lethargy and decreases productivity. In addition, germs carry more easily and sickness prevails.

What’s more, inadequate ventilation and inefficient cooling systems affects the smooth running of your servers, computers and appliance rooms all of which are subject to atmospheric disruption and fault. Costly downtime hinders output, decreases profit, creates delay, impacts reputation and decreases your competitive advantage.

MS Maintenance Solutions is highly qualified in helping you overcome these and other problems through our HVAC planned preventative maintenance whatever the type or size, or limitations and complexities of your building and systems. We adhere to the latest recognised industry standards and best practice and the work we undertake has the goal of reducing your capital outlay, minimising operational costs, decreasing disruptive working, meeting your environmental responsibilities and providing optimum value for money.

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