Your Safety.
Our Priority

Inside commercial buildings UK-wide a constant transmission of electric current sweeps along cables, power ducks, trunking, equipment hubs and plants all of which require monitoring, adjustment and repair if function and safety is to be maintained.

A typical commercial environment requires a tremendous outflow of electricity to keep daily operations running including lighting, air conditioning, ventilation and other core systems.

Such high voltage levels requires human observation to keep abreast not only of faults but also to ensure that technical over-riders such as powerful circuit breakers are in excellent order.

At MS Maintenance Solutions, our electrical technicians carry out evaluations, certified inspections, and testing of fixed wiring circuits, along with identification, monitoring and controlling of portable and fixed equipment.

We assess hazards and potential faults (such as short circuit overload) and deliver planned maintenance to prevent equipment failures. Ultimately, we keep equipment and systems in good condition and working within operating tolerances to create a safer workplace.

Our work is fully compliant with current legislation including the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989. For peace of mind, the availability of electronic task specific reporting associated with operative thermal printing ensures site records are immediate following works completed and available for our clients to view, ensuring all building compliance records are kept up to date.

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